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Container Building | The diagonal splicing is fan-shaped, opening the most soulful skylight!
Publisher: Beri  Page view::224  2022-05-13

One of the appeals of containers being chosen as building materials is 

that they can be freely placed and assembled. 

Among them, in order to increase the lighting effect in the container room, 

designers often open skylights on the top of the container. 

But does it have to be cut on the top of the box to open the skylight? 

Let's take a look at the placement of this fan-shaped box to 

create what can be called "the most soulful skylight".

This is a container building on the streets of Japan, 

built on a wooden deck. 

It is composed of two 20-foot containers

It is a container house installed by [MFLP] studio in Kawasaki Phase I. 

It can be used as a meeting room, lounge, 

restaurant and other places for many people to gather.

The project’s structure aligns two 20-foot shipping containers diagonally

creating a fan-shaped space with openings on the ceiling surface

 and front facing the outside, and connecting the gaps with tempered glass,

 allowing the interior to receive bright light.

The structure thus designed will eventually achieve a fan-shaped interior space, 

creating a more spacious and stylish environment than the original two 20-foot containers, 

allowing the originally enclosed container to be improved through structural conception and interior decoration. 

At the same time, it is divided into two independent spaces inside and outside

and the innermost room can be used as a private office area. 

Not only do the skylights outside provide plenty of natural lighting during the day, 

you can also see the night sky through the skylights after dark.

Pictures courtesy of  CONTAINER WORKS