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Container Recording Studio | The simplest cabinet with the top equipment, here to realize your music dream!
Publisher: Beri  Page view::686  2022-05-20

Music has no boundaries, 

and many people have a singer dream in their hearts. 

But generally few people invest too much in this, 

and some dreams will be missed because of this. 

Is there a platform that can provide opportunities for these people?

 At the annual music festival Smukfest, [Dynaudio] debuted "Container Studio" 

in its hometown of Denmark, and the "Unheard" studio made its debut.

Founded in 1977, the Danish company Dynaudio is a leading producer of 

handcrafted high-end loudspeakers for the professional, home and in-vehicle markets. 

Focused on innovation and education, 

the company has built two fully-equipped recording studios in Europe and the US, 

installed in shipping containers for easy touring mobility, 

aimed at promoting unknown artists among the crowd.

The "Unheard" studio has been traveling around the world, 

visiting various musical performances and festivals, 

giving hundreds of unknown artists a chance to record their music. 

The recording studio is built into the hull of two shipping containers, 

with half of the box walls replaced with floor-to-ceiling glass windows, 

which can be shared and interacted with the audience during the recording process,

 providing a deeper insight into the production of professional music.

Equipped with state-of-the-art professional audio technology,

 the studio has a DAD AX32 system with MADI. 

And this kind of see-through design can sometimes bring a small concert to the audience,

 when the MC, the producer and a few sound technicians are involved, 

the audience can sit outside the box and enjoy the music and recordings the process of.

In order to assemble a high-quality recording studio into a shipping container, 

the layout had to be very carefully designed

using the most compact and efficient software and hardware on the market. 

Centered on the Waves eMotion LV1 software mixer, 

the "Unheard" studio's process needed to cater for quick turnarounds, disparate musical styles, 

and integrate well with external PA and live video setups, so it wasn't an easy project.

Pictures courtesy of  Dynaudio