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Container office | innovative "stable" structure, definitely the coolest "warehouse" you have ever seen!
Publisher: Beri  Page view::684  2022-06-09

Stables are places where horses are kept in captivity.

In order to facilitate management, each horse is often kept separately.

Therefore, the structure of stables is generally composed of several small spaces side by side.

Such a structure can raise horses. Can people live there?

American architect Roth Sheppard opened his mind and put it into practice.

This is an industrial building in Denver, called [tradecraft industries] joint office space.

This seemingly huge "warehouse" has 1800 square meters of industrial space,

 20 private offices and more than 200 flexible collaborative activity spaces.

It is suitable for small and emerging construction companies and design companies.

The goal of the project is to create a collaborative environment

 that provides contractors and designers with a place for organic development and mutual support.

Conceptually, [tradecraft industries] is designed around a multi-purpose concept.

Through the selection of multi-purpose building components and materials,

cost and labor efficiency can be achieved,

while providing flexible and simplified structures.

Each container unit is like a small stable space in each grid,

which is side by side around the edge of the large "warehouse".

The structural design of the yard is divided into

two layers to maximize the effectiveness of container building materials.

 It can not only provide a separate indoor space,

but also provide a terrace naturally formed on the top.

The office space has three entrances and exits,

and the strip window above the warehouse

 is reserved to provide vision and light transmission.

In the joint office space, the polycarbonate panel is directly connected to

 the column of the internal wall of the warehouse,

so that the light can be filtered into the space through the panel.

OSB sheet is used as an economical, maintenance free and durable finishing material,

which can form a dedusting wall in the office.

The central frame element separates the "stables" from the public open space,

which can significantly improve cost-effectiveness and simplify the supply of the

remaining buildings by maintaining all building systems in a central core.

Pictures courtesy of jamesflorio