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Container showcase | Adidas royal building is a well deserved propaganda weapon!
Publisher: Beri  Page view::599  2022-06-20

Brand publicity is very common in business.

Effective publicity is conducive to improving popularity

and bringing considerable economic benefits.

In order to achieve better publicity effect,

some well-known brands also choose to cooperate with brands in other fields.

For example, sports brands Adidas,

the University of Miami and steel space concepts have conducted a large flow cooperation.

 In the game against the Notre Dame Fighting Irish football team,

the transformed transport container is used as a personalized pop-up retail space,

creating a unique interactive shopping experience for tourists.

The transformed shipping containers are mainly used to display

and sell the co branded clothing of Adidas and the University of Miami.

The building shell uses the same main color as the clothing - bright orange representing vitality,

and is painted with a "golden turnover chain" indicating the spirit and strength of the competition.

There is a signature wall on the inner wall of the building.

Students and fans can write personal information

and encouraging words to support their team before the game,

which provides an interactive activity for the game.

In addition to T-shirts, the showcase also displayed co branded sports shoes,

which attracted many Adidas brand fans to buy and brought more traffic to the competition.

 This intelligent and flexible marketing scheme has

extremely high cost performance and has realized a win-win model.

 With the least investment,

Adidas can achieve high sales in sports events

and high-quality people flow in the games.

The converted shipping containers have brought innovation,

sense of design and uniqueness to the brand.

The pop-up retail store is also a convenient,

mobile and large-scale publicity way.

As the core of experiential marketing activities,

 it will make the brand stand out and create a model of seeking new customers.

After all, consumers will always be easily attracted by

the refitted transport containers suddenly added on the street or in the park.

Pictures courtesy of  Steel Space Concepts