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Container office | plant grass on the top of the container to kill two birds with one stone and create a super small sustainable development space~
Publisher: Beri  Page view::552  2022-06-28

In container buildings,

the design of the roof is very important to the living experience of the house,

 because the insulation of the roof directly affects the indoor temperature.

If green plants can be planted on the top of the box,

the effect of cooling and beautification can be achieved at the same time.

Green roofs not only improve insulation in winter and summer,

but also save energy and reduce runoff.

This is the [CMD sustainable] office space in Argentina,

 which is located in the metropolitan design center and participates

in the exhibition of the Buenos Aires International Design Festival.

The project is designed by the designer gruba and the builder is gramila,

which is a sustainable building.

As the smallest office project of gruba,

this is a research design on the minimum additional space.

It is transformed from recycled containers.

On the container structure that has lost the function of carrying goods,

it is considered to build a unique workspace for 4 people.

Through punching holes on different surfaces of the container,

the best natural lighting effect can be sought,

so as to achieve the purpose of lighting with low power consumption.

The interior layer selected as the thermal insulation material

 in the box is made of multi-layer wood,

which is a renewable material in sharp contrast to the exterior trim panel.

One side of the office is a lattice cabinet,

which is both transparent and beautiful.

The furniture designed by gruba is made of inserts.

No glue or screws are used throughout the whole process.

 It is made of 100% raw materials, which makes assembly,

disassembly and recycling very convenient.

Pictures courtesy of  ARQA