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Container office space | not just a separate building! Add "transformation" creative embellishment ~
Publisher: Beri  Page view::619  2022-07-15

Container has been recognized by the industry

because it can be used as a building for various purposes.

At the same time, as a complementary building,

it can also become an indoor decorative element in large shopping malls,

 department stores and factories.

The art office space created by the supplementary container module

 is located in Ruijin, South Korea.

Using containers to delimit the partition space

 is not only easy to construct and change,

but also can be used as a unique design element in the space,

which brings a lot of creative surprises to the space.

Large areas of graffiti on the wall add active color elements to the space,

and there is an activity space surrounded by hemp ropes,

which is full of creativity and sensory enjoyment.

The art office space uses shipping containers to establish a number of

independent meeting rooms and comfortable private workshops.

All container conference rooms are lined up along the corridor for convenience.

The sliding door design ensures the privacy of the conference space.

 In the corridor, there are also many desks and chairs

set against the wall to create a shared office environment.

During the implementation of the project,

 it is not easy to put the container into the building,

 and special mobile equipment is needed to

prevent the floor or container from being damaged.

Each spacious container lounge creates an independent space for relaxing.

Pictures courtesy of  네이버블로그