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Container base | strong resistance to category 5 hurricanes! Modular architecture gives you a stable sense of security ~
Publisher: Beri  Page view::615  2022-07-30

In preparation for the 35th America's Cup Sailing Competition,

Japan's Softbank team invited the builder

[giant containers] to help its team build a base in Bermuda.

 Considering the impact of hurricanes in the design,

this 4480 square foot (about 416 square meters)

reception structure proves the strength of the container building,

 which has been hit by two separate category 5 hurricanes.

The project is a 34mx30m arch truss building

with a height of 7m and two independent working areas.

With the support of the tent frame,

the tent can use a 4-ton chain hoist to lift

the catamaran or wing to a roof space of 7m.

The fabric building is transportable,

loaded into four transport containers,

and then reinstalled at the next location,

which is very helpful for the sailing team with a global journey.

The new base is mainly composed of renovated containers

and includes functional areas such as training facilities,

 reception rooms, management rooms,

athlete changing rooms, design rooms and wing sheds.

 The purpose of the project is to provide two separate workshop spaces to

 accommodate high-performance catamarans and their wing sails,

both of which can be relocated

and can meet the strict building regulations of the island country.

Tents are the main place to live.

Many frames of the tent are on the outside,

 which helps to design and realize the "clean and modern" function,

and also helps to provide the maximum space inside.

Folding steel doors are also impressive and

truly demonstrate the aesthetic and functional characteristics of the tent.

 These doors can actually provide additional support under cyclone conditions,

and it can lock the wind support if necessary.

On the day of the opening of the project,

the Softbank team of Japan, together with more than 500 guests,

 friends and family, held a traditional "roof wetting ceremony" hosted

 by Prime Minister Michael Dunkley to

celebrate the completion of the team's new Bermuda base.

This is an island tradition that requires pouring

a bottle of rum on the roof of a building,

which is an interesting cultural exchange.

Pictures courtesy of  Bernews