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Container House | Container House | "Create" and live in the tropics. On the importance of landscape to living space!
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For today's pursuit of quality of life, "connection" has become indispensable,

 connecting with business districts, transportation, and nature...

Among them, the most important thing to connect with

 nature is to realize that we are a part of nature.

Encapsulated in the natural ecological landscape,

the living environment can feel the vitality of life more.

The project is called [Casa Conectada LG] and is transformed from a container unit.

As an independent building,

the unit can be transported to any place suitable for placement.

This module is now mainly used for display,

to publicize the importance of sustainable development buildings

 to the ecological environment.

The builder of the project is [CASA CONECTADA],

 who proposed the thinking on architectural diversity

and the importance of building a future between equality of opportunity and rights.

Friso sofa, Trama and C é u armchair are placed in the sample room to

 create comfortable furniture with unique design.

All soft clothes have been carefully selected, giving priority to diversity

and emphasizing the importance of inclusiveness and open space.

The kitchen is set at one end of the container module,

and kitchen appliances are embedded in the wall to make the environment more simple.

At the other end is a rest area with leisure sofa and TV.

The design of panoramic glass window of the house

brings sufficient natural light and landscape for the interior.

Many decorative elements in the sample room are developed by artists and designers,

 including the design of some plants and lamps,

which represent and support our evolution in an equal society.

Pictures courtesy of  ArchDaily Brasil