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Container showcase | There is such a fresh automobile exhibition hall, Audi reinterprets the industrial style!
Publisher: Beri  Page view::461  2022-09-23

The auto show is the latest, most intuitive

and most basic place to display auto brands.

By building temporary exhibition halls,

it provides customers with all-round information and services,

and at the same time explores potential customers.

 The Audi World Congress was held in Ibiza Island,

where [MyBOX Stand] represented Audi activities

 and the demonstration of brand new models.

The initial problem of building this module was

that it needed space to display the new vehicle model.

Based on the large capacity and convenience,

Audi showroom was finally built with modular structure.

A total of six container units are built, and the structure is in the shape of "Pin".

The exhibition hall uses a group of containers to create a yellow

and white display space according to the lines of the new model to be displayed.

The container has a personalized brand image, which coincides with the metal shell of the car,

creating an avant-garde, industrial and modern style.

The latest models of different series

are placed in different space areas of the exhibition hall,

 following the industrial style design,

creating a positive and distinctive exhibition space.

This can not only increase brand sales,

but also have an important brand impact on users or visitors.

 In addition, there is a test drive area behind the exhibition hall.

Pictures courtesy of  MyBOX Stand de Audi