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Container Studio | Museum originated from nature, suitable for pure container architecture!
Publisher: Beri  Page view::480  2022-09-24

[Chilida Leku] is an open-air museum, located in Elnani City,

Gypsqua Province, specially designed to display the works of Eduardo Chilida (1924-2002).

The open-air museum is built around the field with the framework of natural elements

 such as rain, soil, light and air.

It is only 10 kilometers away from San Sebastian and belongs to the Church family.

Among them, [Zabalaga] is a three story house,

which holds the memory of several generations of families,

including the space for storing farm tools 

and the storage room for storing food and feed.

The building retains its original appearance to

reveal the basic "real space" of the building and make it another work of art.

 [Zabalaga] It is not only a museum space to display works of art,

but also a sculpture space of Chilida.

In order to create a space for ticket sales 

and daily office work for the Chilida Museum,

[MyBOX PopUp Store] has built two modular buildings for it.

One of the black container buildings with sunshade

 beside the road is the ticket office of the museum.

The box body is marked with the operation time and ticket buying instructions.

Enter the interior of the ticket office,

use black furniture as simple as the shell, and set up a ticket bar.

The ticket office is only transformed from a container unit,

which is based on the indoor space created by individual containers,

and these containers are fully integrated into 

the environment and space of the museum.

Another space composed of three containers is used for the museum office,

which is located in the lawn shaded by trees to

reduce the impact of direct sunlight on the temperature

in the container room and create a comfortable use environment.

As an innovative and sustainable building,

the container can have a positive and distinctive environmental impact.

Inside the office, the space of three containers is very spacious,

which can be used for multiple people to work and hold meetings at the same time.

This space conveys what the Chilida Museum brand is looking for,

namely, pure, original and sustainable,

and promotes sales and builds brand influence on users or visitors.

Pictures courtesy of  MyBOX Experience