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Container office building | It has been 9012 years! Haven't you seen the "streaking" building?
Publisher: Beri  Page view::330  2022-10-26

Now, please think about what kind of architecture you have seen most impressive?

 I dare say that all the pictures that flash in your mind

will be luxurious, spacious, high-tech, highly distinctive and discriminating,

like a queen wearing the most gorgeous clothes. But what if it is another extreme?

All the buildings have lost their gorgeous appearance,

 leaving behind a monotonous gray;

 There are no embedded pipes and lines,

and the rest is no aesthetic building foreign matters.

This is actually an office building located in Lingbi Science Park.

It is an innovative workspace for a hardware startup and industry partners.

 In order to facilitate product design and development,

there are offices and laboratories.

The main construction materials of the building are containers, glass and steel frames.

There is no space to hide pipes, so they are simply exposed outside the corridor.

 The unified gray tone is used to soften and unify the sense of chaos.

As a whole, it is like a factory without decoration,

but it is the most distinctive feature.

In order to enhance the indoor natural light

 and achieve the purpose of energy conservation.

 Whether it is a conference room, an office, or a laboratory,

it is "transparent", and the large area of glass acts as the wall,

 making the overall environment very bright.

Pictures courtesy of Arcgency