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Container Studio | Alternative Assembly! There is a container building close to the
Publisher: Beri  Page view::325  2022-10-27

The traditional fixed thinking thinks that the inside of a container is used as an interior,

 but the breakthrough thinking thinks

 that since the inside of the container can be used as an interior,

the outside of the container can also be used as an interior.

Why not try to change the layout?

So this studio, which is surrounded by containers,

appears in front of you. Located in Aichi Prefecture, Japan,

 it is famous for its alternative assembly.

In fact, only eight sea containers are used,

which are connected together in the way of edge to edge.

Of course, the simple way of connecting edges

 is not enough to form an indoor enclosed space,

so a steel roof is added above the enclosed square space,

with multiple skylights to increase the indoor natural light.

The main purpose of this studio is photography.

At this time, the spacious space in the center can be used to build any required studio,

which can be changed at any time.

It provides enough space for creation and photography,

which is really a good news for photographers!

Although it is a photography studio, it can also be used as a residence.

 After all, the "wall" container has great development value and space.

With the iron ladders connected layer by layer,

 you can reach different container floors.

With independent space, you can use it as a living area.

Pictures courtesy of TRadbox