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Container office | Unique design and rotating stairs plan a new commercial and residential space
Publisher: Beri  Page view::502  2023-01-05

The container house design can

not only save the space cost of office and residence,

 but also plan a new commercial and residential space.

Such a container house design is very suitable for

 a typical commercial and residential space like Taiwan.

 Located in Zhongxing New Village, Taiwan,

 the local design team created a container office space for themselves.

The addition of rotary stairs in the design of container houses allows us to

 jump out of Taiwan's established impression of commercial and residential space,

and also makes the overall container house design more lively and unique,

fully showing the style and taste of users,

and using appropriate container house design to

 achieve the balance between residential and office.

In the past, the design of commercial and residential space in Taiwan

was mostly differentiated from the upper floor to the lower floor.

Due to the high plasticity of container houses,

 different styles can be achieved for different designs.

In Taiwan, you can also create a comfortable and warm home environment

and have a comfortable and professional office space.

The comfortable indoor space can make you feel at home.

The outdoor platform on the second floor is linked to the space on the other side,

which can also be used as a small balcony as a rest area.

You can also feel the natural atmosphere of the outdoors in your spare time.

It is not limited by the framework of the container building,

 and can more flexibly use various space designs.

For example, the outdoor corridor design below is also a very creative special design.

It can't be seen from the appearance

that it is an office built with containers.

The design of containers and wooden floors

 can even show the unique style of the building!

Pictures courtesy of Jane