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Container office | It's a city periscope to stand up, but a practical building to fall down!
Publisher: Beri  Page view::373  2023-01-11

It is not the first day to know the multi-functional use of containers.

They can be transported, lived and played.

A mirror can also transform into a huge urban periscope.

Such a changeable building is a container!

After all, it can become a periscope when it stands up,

and even if it falls down, it is still a practical building.

The name of the project is [SUPERISC Ó PIO],

 located in Lagoa Santa - MG, Brazil.

 The whole building is a studio,

 but the most eye-catching thing is the container - a city periscope.

There are many designed and adjusted mirrors in the container.

The scenery on the top of the container is spread to

the bottom by using a certain angle and reflection principle.

People can enjoy the beautiful scenery in the hollowed window.

Pictures courtesy of Osvaldo Castro, Fábio Cansado