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Container restaurant丨Dubai's giant
Publisher: Beri  Page view::631  2020-02-27

In this city where luxury art is distributed in every corner, a huge "bird's nest" appears on the ground.

It's a container based restaurant [ho Yamal!], which is integrated here with a unique combination of shapes.

Dubai's container restaurant stands out from many other buildings in that it integrates

the emirate's local architectural elements and integrates green and sustainable.

The most attractive part of this container restaurant is the shade part in front of the building.

The curved wooden frame presents the shape of "inverted bird's nest",

Support on the ground with three support points.

Two blue sky containers are the main building of the restaurant.

The wave board on the front of the restaurant is replaced by glass to enhance the indoor light,

while the other wall is filled with potted plants,

The interior of the whole container is covered with wooden plywood,

which is full of strong ecological atmosphere and simple art.

The store on the first floor is of the same style,

although the wooden elements are far from the golden splendor of Dubai's "sailing Hotel",

But I don't think there will be a big texture gap at all. The material fullness is reflected in the local elements in the restaurant.

You will find that in addition to the dotted "light net" on the top,

the chandelier cover here is made up,It's like a common household basket, the walls,

tables and chairs are made of logs;

Tableware is very exquisite and exquisite Such a textured environment should be a different kind of luxury art,

which originates from the ecological luxury art.