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Container bar丨Pure love bar by the harbor
Publisher: Beri  Page view::608  2020-02-29

White can be said to be the standard match of seaport buildings, just like blue sky with white clouds,

and blue sea with white houses, which is full of natural and leisure atmosphere.

At the same time, white also represents purity and makes people yearn endlessly.

Want to see the pure love bar by the harbor? Then ask this [cargo bar] from Parma!

Like many container buildings, the prototype of the bar was built in the factory,After cutting and box modification,

it is transported to the local building by truck for splicing and assembly, and finally a complete container bar is formed.

It's actually a single story building, but because the flat top of the box forms a natural terrace,

The railings and decks are added on the top to make the top become a platform for sightseeing,

which enriches the functions of the bar. The extended staircase is full of artistic conception here.

The bar counter is set at the bottom of the bar, which is convenient to provide services for customers.

At the back are storage rooms and kitchens for food,Because it doesn't need too much bare space,

the kitchen retains most of the container elements, and the original door also decorates the bar environment there.

The outdoor scenery is immersive, so the bar has a large area of outdoor dining area,

On the wooden deck built in front of the container, the salty sea wind brings away the fatigue of the body.

No matter how beautiful the artificial decoration is, it's not as good as the uncanny workmanship of nature.