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Container bar丨Industrial style bar, you are worth it!
Publisher: Beri  Page view::707  2020-03-04

If you want to create a cold and hard

atmosphere environment to cater to metal music,

then a container bar will never be wrong.

The Austin Container Bar in Austin, Texas, USA,

 is built by north arrow Studio & hendley |

Jointly designed by Knowles design studio,

it is designed by reusing shipping containers.

It is refitted from 7 containers. After splicing,

it is a two-story independent building.

The upper and lower layers have both open and closed spaces.

The bar after nightfall is like another shining world, attracting you.

The cool color on the outside, confirmed the eyes, is the right bar.

You can see the general construction process of this

 bar by looking at the photos under construction:

First, the main structure is built in the area,

and then the other modified containers are placed and reinforced one by one.

It has to be said that the container building really

saves a lot of time and convenience for the site construction.

The stairs connecting the two floors are set outdoors.

A wide open platform on the second floor can accommodate many people at the same time,

Customers can also view the surrounding scenery from the railings.

Take a look at the interior of the bar.

A cubicle on the first floor is enough to make you fall in love with it.

Unusual walls are tiled billboards carved with wooden plywood,

There is no need to have any other decoration, and in an instant,

there is a kind of grandiose experience of engraved seal chamber.

In this starry world,

I feel like I am in the world of science fiction.

Even though it's just a mural on the wall,

it has a 3D visual effect in the special narrow space of the container.

Or this rainbow like walkway,

 even the sofa and chair are equally colorful,

It brings you a strong color impact,

which is full of surprises everywhere.

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