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Fengjia business district romantic blue white Department container Restaurant
Publisher: Beri  Page view::714  2020-03-06

In recent years, low-temperature cooking as

a new concept of cooking began to appear frequently in front of everyone,

It is a new cooking technology, which mainly uses vacuum technology

and low-temperature cooking machine to cook dishes without losing moisture and nutrition of raw materials.

In order to "line" such advanced cooking technology, a theme restaurant

with the same strong sense of design landed in Xitun, Taichung, Taiwan.

Seeing such familiar lines, we should know that

this is another three-story building transformed from a container.

However, the fact is that the main decoration of the building is container,

which is actually steel structure.

Its appearance is mainly blue and white,

which looks like a big ship moored on the dawn Road.

The design of the three floors is different. On the first floor,

dense plates and 2D laser are used to create the shape of light waves.

In front of the gate, a small open space connected with the sidewalk

 is used to plan the ecological pool and plant eggplant.

Passers-by are often attracted by appearance.

In recent years, Ji Yicheng, the designer responsible for the design of the restaurant,

has won design awards in the UK, Italy, the US and Australia,

He said that the land is 6 meters wide and 37 meters long,

with a small area and a narrow shape,

Surrounded by new buildings, there are many garden views.

Therefore, the restaurant adopts a large number of glass,

which can attract light and enhance the penetrability.

The first floor is mainly designed for light transmission of floor glass,

and the ceiling on one side of the wall is a water drop decoration made of sheet materials,

It has a modern sense and artistic line beauty,

which makes the environment suddenly become tall,

causing visual pleasure and conducive to customers' dining mood.

The egg shaped bar on the second floor,

coupled with the mirror design, reflects the street trees around the restaurant on the ceiling,

Like eating in the shade, it's a favorite place for many customers.

The third floor is a log floor,

The outdoor balcony has a ring-shaped hanging chair,

which is very interesting and suitable for parents and children to eat.

Pictures courtesy of Tin House, Xitun, Taiwan