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Adhere to the stacking of space structure, take you to see the bread container on the concrete!
Publisher: Beri  Page view::659  2020-03-09

This is a julice bakery in Brazil, which is different from the usual container building,

The building materials of this bakery are not only containers,

but also familiar concrete,combine into a unique store.

The powdered concrete exterior wall gives people a sweet and greasy feeling like a cake~

The bakery is made up of 13 containers, which are stacked on top of each other,

Directly and orderly pile up one by one is undoubtedly

the most convenient and firm design to solve the corner support point.

However, this will make the building lack of shape features,

and there is no corridor and crossing platform.

To create these channels, the architect decided to cross stack and cross the box.

After rigorous mechanical research and careful architecture design,

the bakery has more unique corridors,

There are flower garden alleys on the flat ground and sightseeing corridors in the air.

Perhaps, the best adjective of this shop is the scattered and unique!

However, due to the local soil problems,

it is found that the soil bearing capacity in this area

is not enough to support the weight of the 13 containers.

The solution is to lay a concrete foundation under the container building,

and let the container "step on" the concrete to firm the building structure.

As for the interior, it's a natural jungle scene.

In order to create a healthy and green theme of bakery,

the indoor vegetation coverage is very high,

Potted plants can be seen everywhere,

and even the walls are painted the color of wooden houses,

I thought I had entered a cabin instead of a container!

If you are careful, you will surely find the wooden shelf on your head,

In fact, it is designed to let customers look up

and see the shape of the corrugated plate of the container,

After all, this is a bakery with container as its architectural feature!

And container elements are everywhere,

Even the bathroom is full of wave board design,

with a very distinctive design of washing table,

Here is the simple industrial container style

different from the outside jungle Container style!

Pictures courtesy of Julice