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Boxpark Dubai
Publisher: Beri  Page view::677  2020-03-12

Boxpark, the classic container mall project, and meraas, a Dubai based holding company

Together, they launched a new work, boxpark in tuhaodui.

Container business street is located in Al street, Dubai, UAE,

It is the center of Jumeirah group Jumeirah luxury hotel group (the group of Dubai sailing Hotel).

The boxpark project in Dubai is inspired by functional design and urban re planning,

Combine the best modern architecture and container building industry aesthetics.

New York, London, Paris, Christchurch and other cities have such new buildings,

which are fashionable, exquisite and full of urban flavor.

The project is composed of about 220 maritime container buildings,

and cement concrete with industrial wind texture,

And sharp metal line feeling -- angle iron art, to create a refreshing shopping,

entertainment and leisure place, to inject new vitality into the city.

With the further improvement of boxpark in Dubai,

more international well-known brands will come in,

Catering, such as: Mission desserts, bulleology, operation falafel, just sale,

Big Chefs, Studio Masr, Cioccolatitaliani, Markette, Yogurtland;

Retail stores such as: angels, Poupette à La plage and swatch.

Brands that have settled in at present: aditias, Nike sports brand store,

DRI DRI Italian ice cream, Liv by giant women's bike shop,

Polliwalks children's shoe store, rundhols fashion clothing store, Toms glasses and shoes store,

Typo boutique stationery store, urbanista, zoo gift clothing store, etc

Flexible use of angle iron's own line features makes it a beautiful

and practical outdoor stair enclosure, guardrail and sign tower, etc.

Proper sunshade can keep the air flowing at the same time.

Light is the soul of night scene. Colorful and colorful,

reflecting the charming night of the city.

City walk in Al wasl Road, Dubai, don't miss the chance to visit Dubai ~!

Pictures courtesy of BOXPARK