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The flash of night-------Container Restaurant
Publisher: Beri  Page view::662  2020-03-14

The two-story industrial style container building is located next to the gas station,

and the owners of gas supply bring more customers to the restaurant.

Two 40 foot containers are cut into two halves,

which meets the needs of the restaurant setting.

On the concrete foundation, two complete 40 foot

containers are placed behind the first floor,

On the top are two containers cut in half by 40 foot containers,

The "X" shaped steel frame structure supports two layers of external extended shielding plates.

At the front is the cut 20 foot box,

part of the side plates are opened upward as the shielding plate,

The open part is used as the dining window of the take out point.

The long wooden table is inlaid under the window,

and the chair can be used by the guests for dining;

There are also some black tables and chairs in the space in front of the store,

which are matched with the whole store style and used as outdoor space.

Another cut 20 foot box is placed on the right side of the second floor.

The head plate and side plate are cut, and glass doors

and windows are installed, which is very transparent.

When entering the restaurant, a large number of wood decoration

and colorful equipment are matched with the walls of blue wave board,

It looks natural and simple, full of vitality,

and creates a relaxed and comfortable feeling.

The steel ladder beside the door is connected with the second floor,

and the steel rope is used as the handrail, so the design is novel and special.

On the second floor, a floor to floor glass window is installed on the external facade,

and a row of long wooden tables are placed beside the window,

In the store, you can enjoy the street view from the outside.


The terrace in the middle of the second floor was railed and covered with wooden floor,

Black wooden tables and chairs are put up for use as the food area of dew paradise.

The toilet adopts the retro design,

the washing table designed by bicycle and the slightly old wall, which is unique.

Pictures courtesy of   Gato Beer