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The diversified container bar is in doke 45
Publisher: Beri  Page view::658  2020-03-17


Dock 45, a maritime themed bar in Hyderabad, India.

At first glance, it is refitted from sea containers,

In fact, other steel materials are used to build a unique building

with similar style and similar to container structure.

It's an interesting challenge for the design and construction team.

The two-layer design of the dock 45, colorful and well arranged, i

s like Lego building blocks stacked together freely,

With a total area of 910 square meters, it is reasonably interspersed with greening,

and the fresh industrial wind is perfectly created.

In the past, only the resplendent luxury clothes could be called "local tyrants", "dignified", "tall".

But now, it is a different matter, fashion and unique design is the new pursuit of the times.

In the atrium of the building, in front of the 30

foot long bar is a large open-air dance floor space.

At night, on the second floor, you can overlook the

bustling scene on the dance floor, 360 degrees without dead angle.

One after another wave shaped walls, blue lights under the waves,

people seem to be in the wandering sea.

The glass on the ground can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the park from the inside.

The decorative atmosphere with distinct themes,

Create a unique new experience for the guests,

let the local residents remember that dock 45 is equal to a wonderful night.


The corridor dining bar is also a handsome and

powerful bar with graffiti and corrugated iron plate,

The color changing wall washing lamp changes with the rhythm of music.

It's a lively and dancing night. Who can control the excited nerves!

A variety of decoration elements in the bar are used for the parts and windows of real old ships,

Steam pipes, lever hooks and chains, compasses and engines, etc.

The improved propeller can be used as ventilation equipment.

Patterned aluminum plate is laid as a two-layer personalized bar,

Industrial wind full score! The dining table is a completely

customized and unique style. It's retro, small and fresh.

Pictures courtesy of   Dock 45