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Container bar | cool decoration creates a burst atmosphere, double the slightly drunk state!
Publisher: Beri  Page view::191  2021-05-04

After the night life, always try to get rid of daytime work fatigue, 

slightly drunk bar is people's favorite place to relax.
[the metallic kitchen] is a newly opened container restaurant and bar in Bukit Indah, Malaysia.
The new special architecture, the explosive atmosphere of the scene environment, 

and the cool decoration style have become the punch point of the crowd.

This [the metallic kitchen] container restaurant is

 the third branch of the brand and has a good reputation.
In addition to providing a variety of Chinese and Western food, milk tea,

 fruit juice and alcoholic drinks, it also provides outdoor packing service.
The takeaway service point is set in a window opened by the container 

and is built in the convenient transportation area behind the bar.

The building has three floors, which is made up of multiple container modules.
The first floor is mainly used as the dining area of indoor air conditioning.

 The entrance is set at the revolving door of the box, and the door is designed with transparent glass window type.
The second floor is divided into outdoor area and indoor area, 

and the third floor is the smoking dining area in the open air to

 meet the different dining environment needs of customers.

Entering the room, the black corrugated board is covered with 

gold graffiti with English words, which adds cool to the original strong industrial wind.
The central ceiling is equipped with skylights to introduce natural light. In addition to eating and drinking,

 the doll machine is also set up here, which is suitable for a family to come to dinner together.

From the staircase outside the building to the second floor, the characteristic 

neon lights are very drunk and attract everyone who likes to take photos.
The second floor also has an outdoor activity area, set up a 

special wine bar and stage, there are live performances for guests to watch.

Then walk up one floor from the outdoor stairs, and a vertical container 

module can be clearly seen in the open area on the third floor,
It is used as a high-rise display area. You can enjoy the beautiful sunset here,
You can also watch the competition in the projection screen set here, 

which is very suitable for friends with the same purpose to drink and relax together.

Pictures courtesy of  Ardence Labs