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Container caf | brain opening! Building a house in an iron box?
Publisher: Beri  Page view::305  2021-05-06

Small things are always intriguing, and so are cafes,
Although the small house hidden in the forest can't reach the flow of people in the center of the city,
But it can always attract many repeat customers and show different charm with unique appearance,
Use a quiet environment to attract a group of fans with specific needs.

Located in the forest of Longren xinfengdong, stands a beautiful small house,

which is neither a private holiday house nor an open apartment,
It is just a container caf é that pursues carefree and doesn't care about the flow of people.

 The small leisure courtyard under the tree in front of the door is enough to highlight its artistic conception.

The indoor environment is bright, keeping the original strip shape of the container,

which can create an exclusive dining room for many people.
In another box, the most prominent is the brick wall built in the iron box,

just like living in a red brick house in a container, which has a unique artistic conception.

The pure white and wooden shell is the shaping condition of the coffee shop temperament,

softening the industrial metal flavor of the container,
Make it closer to a warm leisure place. The scenery in the mountains also

 comes in through the glass windows on the container. It's a small forest house.

Pictures courtesy of  Container Hacker