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Container bar | building blinks for three minutes, changing winter and summer! Uncover secrets and hide "arbitrary door"!
Publisher: Beri  Page view::277  2021-05-15

Canadian Rockies is the general name of North American Rockies in Canada,
It is also one of the most famous tourist attractions in North America.
One of the "50 places to go in one's life" selected by National Geographic,
Geological landforms have unparalleled three-dimensional diversity,
There are lakes, snow capped mountains, meadows, fields, rivers, 

forests, glaciers, hot springs, waterfalls, canyons and ice fields,
There are different beautiful sceneries throughout the year.

The reason why we choose the black box is that it will be particularly attractive in the winter ski resort,
In contrast to the white snow, people can instantly lock it in and have a drink.

You'll find that one third of the location of the pub is a screen with only three sides,
Different from the bar on one side, the wooden splint here makes the style mixed.
But it will not hinder the bar itself. On the contrary, 

it will provide a side sale window to increase the area of customers using the bar.

To adapt to the changing environment and diverse landforms here,
A container bar is necessary for its strong environmental resistance,
At the same time, because of its convenience and mobility,

 the seasons and climate change their foothold at any time,
For example, hot summer days are placed near hot swimming pools.

The container bar is not as big as the theme bar in the series,
The main consideration is portable, so the size is relatively small.
Two thirds of the box body is used in the beverage mixing room, with wave board bar and sunshade.
Inside and outside are black coating, only the ceiling and a sunshade are

 painted with eye-catching red, adding a trace of noble atmosphere to the bar.

Pictures courtesy of Honomobo