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Container bar | the castle of Detroit is made of iron! I'm not afraid of hot summer and cold winter any more!
Publisher: Beri  Page view::285  2021-05-21

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Guangdong seems to be cooling rapidly overnight,

From short sleeves to down is just one day.

I suddenly learned that it's not my girlfriend's heart,

It's God's little emotion! I just want to be cool in summer,

How can it be so difficult to be warm in winter? Am I not born in the right place?

Maybe it's really in the wrong place. If you change your house a little,You can also

 have a cool summer and warm winter life! How to change it? It's time you looked at this Detroit castle~







The castle is actually a large bar, which is mainly divided into two parts,

One is the siheyuan with "upper cover" and the other is the siheyuan with "sky cover" open.

This large container building is rarely used as a bar, so it is unique and attractive.






This large-scale bar castle has two floors with a construction area of nearly 930 square meters.

It consists of 21 stacked containers and an additional storage container.

The side without ceiling is more suitable for the summer atmosphere,

Around the little lights decoration, looking up at the night sky is very romantic.









On the other side, the one with a ceiling is more "windproof",

which is suitable for winter activities,It can alsowithstand

 bad weather. The ground floor is the same as the space next to

 it,It's a rest table and chair made of recycled wood. In order to

 facilitate the activities of fans,

There are also many live TV sets here to watch the game.

Murals are also available in the second floor corridor.