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Container Cafe | British modular architecture in British Garden~
Publisher: Beri  Page view::265  2021-05-26

[think box Cafe] is a European style food and beverage cafe, which is a new shop in nanbenfu.
By providing high-quality and modern services, improve the local food and beverage level of nanben,
Make it comparable to Thailand's major provinces: Bangkok and Chiang Mai.
The beautiful atmosphere of the park will become a tourist attraction and new landmark of nanbenfu, 

which can be used to organize weddings and birthday parties.

[think box restaurant] located in the provinces near Chiang Mai, the transportation is very convenient.
The store is set in the middle of an English garden, with a private area and a little Japanese flavor,
The red bridge is a hot spot for punch in. The owner of the shop used to be in the construction business,
As a result, the restaurant has also been built like a garden shop.

The cafe is located on Stadium Road, Nai Mueang block, Muang District, nanbenfu,
The building in the middle of the garden is made up of several white containers,
These containers are arranged in a row. The two story building has multiple landscape windows,
It is made of the cut box wall replaced by the glass.

The cafe has a large area and is exquisitely decorated.

The seats are divided into open area and air-conditioned area,
So that tourists can enjoy the service in all kinds of weather. 

Wooden stands surround the cafe,
Feel the taste of English afternoon tea in the English garden, 

even the white corrugated board box wall beside has a British flavor.

The internal space of the restaurant is connected by two or more containers, 

forming a spacious activity space.
There are many kinds of space layout, such as conference room and seminar room in the building,
The outdoor lawn provides a beautiful environment for those looking 

for a wedding venue, and the private English garden is a romantic venue.

Pictures courtesy of  Plant Cafe