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Container restaurant | Glass House + jungle style, unique dining environment, create romantic style!
Publisher: Beri  Page view::254  2021-05-29

The design style of geometric container house with glass house elements is added,
Because of its fashionable and exquisite appearance, it is favored by many catering enterprises.

 At the same time, it is also a red dot for customers to punch in everywhere.
Located on the middle mountain road of Sha Lu, Taiwan, the Okko Yishi small hall has a striking appearance,
Because of the special appearance, many tourists stopped to watch 

and even took photos with their mobile phones before the opening ceremony.

Okko Yishi Pavilion is located next to Fuan dusk market in Shalu. It is composed of several container modules,
And a lot of glass house elements of French windows are integrated into it. The appearance is very special,
The front is almost transparent. When you sit by the window and eat, you feel like

 you are next to the street, but there is no noise. It has a strong sense of contrast.

There are a few seats in the dining room without windows. 

The back of these seats without windows is not a monotonous wall,
Instead, these walls are designed as a jungle style, which not only provides customers

 with more choices, but also creates a relaxed and unique dining environment.

The first floor and the second floor facing the road are designed as large area French windows,
No matter from the inside or from the outside, it is very clear, directly connecting the indoor and outdoor scenes.
Sitting in the container glass house, enjoying exquisite meals and watching the cars coming and going

 outside the window, you can feel more romantic and create a unique dining experience.

Pictures courtesy of  天生極客