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Container restaurant "incomplete" art, this is an old fishing boat moored on land.
Publisher: Beri  Page view::246  2021-05-31

Industrial buildings sometimes bring people a sense of incompleteness without decoration,

 which provides inspiration for the creativity of interior design.
There is a fish restaurant called ryba Pyla on velyka vasylkivska street in Kiev,
The "incomplete" art design created by industrial style reflects its general concept.

The structure itself is divided into several areas, including indoor and outdoor dining areas.
The house is partitioned by sliding windows, which open in warm seasons,
Expand the interior space visually, and customers and passers-by 

on the terrace can clearly see the interior of the restaurant.

[ryba Pyla] is a project combining multiple functions. 

You can not only eat a meal, drink a glass of wine or other things,
You can also buy fresh seafood here. At the entrance of

 the restaurant is an open refrigerated display cabinet,
Buy fresh here. This is followed by the entrance to the bar area, 

where a wide range of wines are placed on the shelves.

Inside the restaurant, the cruel and ironic interior 

design supports the concept of fish restaurant,
The main conceptual elements include the stylized skeleton 

of marine life under the middle ceiling of the hall,
As well as the rusty circular saw installation on the walls and lamps, 

these devices are all interpreting the specific forms of "incomplete" art.

In the decoration, the main use of rusty metal and old wood, which is to create a sea water erosion effect.
And the old container block is reassembled at this position to become the decoration of one of the halls.

The toilet in the toilet is completed in the form of a container block, 

and the walls and sanitary facilities are made of metal,
Full of industrial flavor. The restaurant's decoration design 

is to leave an impression on the old fishing boat.

Pictures courtesy of  Archello