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Container restaurant | navigation theme cabin, the details of "waves" ~
Publisher: Beri  Page view::241  2021-06-01

The landscape restaurant built by the lakeside can not only bring the taste of delicious food, 

but also the visual enjoyment of beautiful scenery,
It's a good place for daily entertainment. However,

 the special topography of the lake has certain requirements for metal buildings,
Wet environment needs to improve the moisture-proof and anti rust performance of buildings.

The lakeside restaurant, atracado, is located on the lakeside 

of palanoa lake, cerrado beach, Brazil,
You can enjoy the beautiful scenery of JK bridge. 

The total building area of the restaurant is 188 square meters,
Founded in 2018, the manufacturer is Autodesk, coral, Formica, Gail,

 a well-known local container transportation company.

The restaurant project consists of three environments, including a 12 meter (40 foot) container,
The kitchen and the bar are located in the container; 

The balcony with leisure tables and chairs and the upper deck where the rest room is located,
Thus, the dining space of indoor and outdoor is created together.

The building project is carefully designed based on visual communication and adopts the theme of navigation.
The designer specially designed the organic table with "keel" feet for the restaurant,
And made a painting decorated with geometric figures and nautical patterns on the side of the whole container,
And the intricate rope art effect of string music winding on the ceiling.

A DJ desk is set up near the beach in front of the box,

 which can be completely hidden in the container when it is closed,
When opened, it protrudes on the aisle to facilitate DJ activities. 

All restaurants are painted with dark paint on OSB (wooden board),
And install LED lighting profiles to create a relaxed atmosphere of happy afternoon.

All the art works of the restaurant are integrated in a harmonious atmosphere, 

bringing a bright environment and sailing atmosphere to the cabin.
On the upper deck, the lounge is also organically shaped, mimicking the movement

 and smoothness of the waves, and surrounded by green plants.

Pictures courtesy of  三上春男