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Container Cafe | "Fall into a box" wins Star Dad! On the Everlasting Prosperity of the Ins Style
Publisher: Beri  Page view::246  2021-06-04

In Georgia, a large box suddenly fell into shape.

The all-white shell is an ins-style building, revealing a cold atmosphere.

[BRASH] is its name, focusing on coffee brewing is its selling point.

It consists of only two containers and is surrounded by a pile of long wood.

It is a characteristic outdoor dining area that can be decorated or used.

It is a miniature building on the side of the road.

The first thing that comes into view in the store is the bar with roller skating,

which is very cool. You can change your store layout at any time.

The overall interior space is not large, so there are only a few seats and tables along the windows,

and unlike ordinary cafe glass windows, the windows here can be opened,

just like sitting on your own small window sill on.

It’s even more interesting to see this small window from the outside,

like the entire cafe is only for my use, a small resting corner in the city.

The country-style industrial facility is between a

counter service kiosk and a small hand-made room,

bringing customers an extraordinary cafe experience,

which is different from the leisurely content of the fast-paced Star Daddy.

Pictures courtesy of  BRASH