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Container building - a few boxes of foreign business district!
Publisher: Beri  Page view::230  2021-06-07

Seoul, Korea has a famous business district, named "Litai court",

which is the most exotic place in Seoul,
It gives you a sense of being in a foreign country. Taiwan, China,

has also followed the creation of a special zone for the elimination of tricks,
The old houses are transformed, and iron buckets and high chairs with Korean elements are added,
And built a new catering building with container module,

with white as the main axis, becoming a new hot spot in card printing.

Located at No. 18, Lane 346, Zhongxiao Road, East District of Jiayi City, the old house

of "shuazuo special zone" has been transformed into a spacious public dining area,
Next to the new container building, there are three Korean style food restaurants,

 including "playing waste fried chicken", "shangzan Barbecue House" and "circle cafe".
The container building is a three story building with

 a terrace at the top and an outdoor deck made of steel frame.

Catering businesses are mainly located on the first floor of the container building,

and the open space in rows creates a sense of market,
To create a good and fun playing waste field

【 Shangzan Barbecue House adopts the business model of spot roasting,
And there are store dog Chai dog seat platform【 [waste fried chicken] is set in the container module,

 and the order and pick-up windows are set on the container.

The white container house is divided into three floors.

Both indoor and outdoor stairs are available for free movement.
All restaurants use self-service to pick up meals,

 and they also need to recycle the plates to a fixed position after meals.
Due to the limited space in the container, the indoor stairs are spiral, delicate and practical.
You can also find green plants everywhere in the building,

white container area with green, create a relaxed atmosphere.

There is not much space in the container, but a lot of space

can be saved by using long tables and high chairs against the wall,
And a large area of glass window is set on the box body to reduce

the cramped feeling brought by the narrow space.
In order to allow tourists to take photos and punch in, INS wind wall is specially designed in the container,

 with lovely slogans, and there are small surprises everywhere.

On the third floor, there is an extended corridor, which is composed of iron railings enclosing the top space of the box.

There are also long tables and high chairs, and man-made lawns are laid on the ground,
Create a more open and comfortable environment than the interior, and create a terrace overlooking.

At night, the luminous "net red moon" leads the environmental atmosphere to a romantic climax.

Pictures courtesy of Living in a Container