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What I miss most is the cup in the container
Publisher: Beri  Page view::227  2021-06-10


What I miss most is still the cup

Cafe in container



Monday is coming. It's time to save up for work~

Today Xiaobian is preparing for a little trip to Korea

Run away with your heart

Get in my car!!!





At first glance, these two "red and white" buildings are on a road full of

cement and bricks, which can be described as an eye-catching explosion.

This is a cafe container in South Korea. It is located in the

north of the back door of QUANNAN University in Guangzhou

No. 274-1, Ou Zhong Xing Dong (road name: No. 36, 19

 West Road, North Europe), so this is the back door of Nantah~







The two buildings are made of containers, and each building has three floors,

 in which a large area of floor glass is used.One is to provide sufficient light for the indoor,

 so that the indoor power consumption during the day can be greatly reduced, playing the role of environmental protection and energy saving;Second, coffee with sunshine, let busy city life return to some nature.If you look closely, you can see that the

ceiling of the red floor is also filled with glass,It broadens the view

of the top of the head and restores the natural color. When the dusk comes in,

the warm golden tone matches the dark red appearance









And because of the excellent lighting design, the indoor

"Vegetation coverage" is also growing up,

Let's feel the "color of forgiveness"~







The staircase connecting the floors is built between t

he two container buildings,The exterior surface is constructed

with large area floor glass matched with the two container buildings;

The interior staircase adopts hollow metal design,

which is simple and in line with the architectural style of the whole cafe.








Another set of exterior details~

Both cafe and container,

The cup contains coffee,

The container also contains all,

The name of the store and the building materials

 of the store are related to each other,

It can be understood as a coffee shop

with container construction style~