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Container cafes and subways are also made of iron boxes? I just want a cup of coffee!
Publisher: Beri  Page view::856  2021-07-24

People who have come into contact with Taiwan may know the "MRT" more or less,
It is a transportation mode in Taiwan, including subway,

high-speed rail around the city, indoor bus, train out of the city, etc,
But the main thing is the subway. It mainly operates in Taipei

and Kaohsiung, of which Taipei is the most common,
Covering most scenic spots, it is a convenient choice to travel to Taipei by MRT.

As the most frequently used public transport in Taiwanese daily life,
"Rapid transit" has profound significance to them, and even has become a regional symbol,
So that one Cafe took its image as a selling point and successfully

 attracted a large number of tourists to punch in and take photos.

Mr. metro, located at 888 Dongxing Road, Xinwu District, Taoyuan city.
The cafe is located on a spacious and comfortable lawn.

Its main structure is container + MRT + glass house,
The first floor is the most simple industrial container dining environment,

and the second floor has a terrace suitable for high viewing.

You might think that MRT just put a MRT like shell on the outside of the box,
But when you enter, you will find that its interior is the original "MRT"!
Through the carriage, you can reach the glass house with 180 ° 

surrounding vision, where you can enjoy the surrounding beauty.

Pictures courtesy of 鄭雅之