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Container Cafe | lovers' favorite grove, with romantic iron boxes like Korean dramas!
Publisher: Beri  Page view::884  2021-08-07

When it comes to Korean dramas, the most famous must be the beautiful love bubble dramas.

All those years of fantasy about love are all realized in Korean dramas.
It can only be said that Korean screenwriters are really not ordinary romance.
However, if you want romantic love, you can not only survive in Korean dramas.

You can also have this small forest in Taiwan!

The sweetness here is due to the landing of the romantic container Cafe [pass Cafe].
The two-story single family building transformed from three boxes

 has two independent indoor spaces and a terrace activity area.

Flowers are the biggest decorative element here.

Several big red flowers are first "inlaid" on the wall of the second floor container,
The effect of relief should not be too realistic! Then there is an outdoor "wall of flowers",
The girl's heart burst directly! And the cherry blossom branches hanging

 on the indoor ceiling, as if passing through Japan in a second.

The most romantic advertisement is hidden on the back of the building.

 Invincible lovely illustrations and sweet and greasy love words are sprayed on the wall of the box,
A whole face of deep love is sprayed in front of you. This must be the most suitable

 corner for showing love and the most abusive corner for single dogs.

The oil bucket in front of the door is the carrier for the store to give full play to its creativity. 

It is painted in colorful appearance, which can be either decorated or directly used as an outdoor bar.
Put it down and add a few feet to turn it into an outdoor seat, which is very convenient and well matched.

Pictures courtesy of 小企鵝生活趣