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Container restaurant | from Taiwan to Japan, you just need to put together an iron box. It's really delicious with wind and Japanese materials!
Publisher: Beri  Page view::2524  2021-10-12

Now restaurants pay more and more attention to the construction of the environment. As long as you decorate well,
You can take the guests "blink" to the local food production, and the authentic taste will come.
There are stores in Taiwan, which use two containers to "spell out" the atmosphere of authentic

 Japanese material stores. Entering the door is like entering the island country.

Jie sushi is the name of this Japanese food restaurant.

Its real structure is only transformed from two containers.
It can be clearly seen from the initial construction drawing of the Japanese

 material store that the two containers are put together,
In order to create a feeling of harmony and wind,

the box surface will be decorated with wooden plywood.

The kitchen is located in the box on the left. You will see that the sushi making room is directly open to diners.
Even a dining table is set in the front. The daily food is about the freshness of the food,
The dishes that have just been prepared and put on the plate immediately will never be bad.

If you like a more comfortable dining environment,

or want to taste and communicate face-to-face with friends,
You can also eat in the space on both sides of the kitchen.

You can choose the bamboo area with strong natural flavor,
You can also choose a more spacious dining area.

In the layout of the store environment, the shopkeeper spent a lot of thought.

You will see decorations with traditional blessings, some Japanese and totems,

Or the Japanese favorite liquor is neatly placed on the wooden frame, rendering a trace of wind and flavor.


Pictures courtesy of 桀壽司新光店