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Container Cafe | far away from the mountain jungle life of downtown, live the container out of taste!
Publisher: Beri  Page view::1072  2021-10-15

Whenever I am used to the noisy market, I want to find a quiet and far-reaching place to place my soul,

Precipitation of one's own thoughts and an occasional trip into the jungle

can better eliminate the hostility and impetuousness brought by daily life,
Start again. And this deep Mountain Cafe just understands your needs.

This is a cafe near Sakura Forest Park in Ibaraki, Hongqian City,

Aomori county. It is called Sakura misheng,
It is based on the concept of "a store that can taste

 wild vegetables and coffee on the mountain".
Containers were selected for the construction of the cafe in order

to facilitate transportation and local completion.
In order to solve the problem of water supply, the store hereby dug

a well 50 meters underground to find the water source.

A wooden terrace for viewing is built in front of the cafe.

You can sit on the open balcony when the weather is sunny.
The internal space of the cafe is small, only 13 floors. You can see three

 very magnificent mountain views on one side near the floor glass window.
There are also 13 card seats in the room.

The layout of the whole cafe is actually very simple. One side of the long strip space is the dining area,

 and the other side is the ordering table and production room.
The meals produced here are mainly made of Japanese food, wild vegetables in the mountains

and delicious coffee made of mountains and rivers, which has attracted many food seekers.

Thanks to the geographical location in the mountains, snowflakes

 will be hung on the nearby plants and container roofs whenever it snows,
Into a romantic and pure snow world. When you are interested, 

you can make a snowman in front of the door. Such a taste of life is really desirable.

Pictures courtesy of 桜林茶寮