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Container club | red "box" courtyard, just like the holiday life in the old street of Shuixiang
Publisher: Beri  Page view::769  2022-02-17

As the saying goes, if you don't lose weight in January, you will be sad in June. Spring has arrived,

and the pace of summer is approaching,
It's time to hurry up and practice the nine abdominal muscles and A4 waist,

ready to meet the baptism of the sea and sunshine.
Afraid of no perseverance? Add a few photos of the swimming pool you yearn for more to inspire yourself,
For example, the swimming pool is very good.

This is a pool club in Kenting, Taiwan. It's called yellow house, but it's not "yellow" at all,
Instead, it is the retro brick red in the old streets, with an inexplicable contrast.
The buildings in the club are mainly containers, which are built around the swimming pool like a courtyard,
It is also matched with various tropical plants and has a warm holiday atmosphere in the south.

There are many beach chairs and sofas beside the swimming pool,

so that you can enjoy the sunshine bath and the delicious food

of the merchants when you are not in the water.

There are many containers distributed here, which are made after recycling and transformation.
A little observation will reveal the unique dent engraved by history on the box,
The retro atmosphere is like a container town in the old water town.

Each container is a different theme functional area, such as this bar with all kinds of wine,
The bar and screen piled with tiles have an unspeakable retro feeling,
The graffiti in large indoor areas painted some animals with strange shapes, which are full of imaginative surprises.

Or the restaurant with kitchen utensils hanging on the ceiling for decoration increases the interest of diners,
Quite creative. The delicacies here are even more casual, and they all have full marks.

The gymnasium in the venue is fully equipped,

and there is no mistake for vacation and fitness.
If you observe carefully, you will find the surprise hidden in the ceiling:

it is actually decorated with real car body parts,
I feel reluctant to get up when I lie down on the fitness machine!

There are billiards and tire sandbags outside the court.

As a perfect swimming pool club, in addition to warm sports equipment,
Of course, there is also a reading room with a strong smell of books.
The calligraphy plaque placed at the door is enough to tell you the theme here.

If you are tired, you can relax in the board game.

With the scholarly fragrance of literature and art, the edification of musical instruments and the art of dance can not be less,

It can be said that a club can meet all your entertainment needs,

Anyone who comes here can't stop loving it!

Finally, a romantic night view of the club.

Pictures courtesy of 悠游垦丁