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Container Cafe | make the building look like a party, extreme romanticism!
Publisher: Beri  Page view::641  2022-08-24

Unknowingly, spring has come and summer is not far away.

I miss the hot sun and the cool pool...

It would be better to have a party!

 The caf é with the theme of summer is transformed from a container

and equipped with a private swimming pool and relaxing reclining chairs.

You can feel the strong summer atmosphere just by looking at it.

Located in Xigong City, Hyogo County,

this is a container room x Beach Resort cafe.

The structure is mainly steel frame,

with a total building area of 185.43 square meters (about 56.2 square meters).

The project was completed in early 2019,

creating a spacious and free activity space.

When entering the room, the first floor of the caf é is a textured public dining area.

The design keynote is orange yellow, original wood and warm light,

creating a warm and romantic atmosphere.

The production bar is set in a corner of the museum.

The combination of the wooden bar and high chairs adds retro elements.

The side near the window is also equipped with a high-quality sofa for viewing.

In order to create a private space,

the caf é provides three different types of private rooms,

including a vintage luxury leather sofa room,

a lively and romantic fabric sofa room,

a children's entertainment room,

 and a terrace with a wooden frame.

The terrace on the top floor is also equipped with simple tables and chairs.

Customers can choose to enjoy delicious food outdoors.

There is a public toilet in the independent coffee shop.

 The design here is mainly simple.

The white walls, wooden floors, doors and windows,

and green plants are placed to create a clean environment.

Pictures courtesy of  House Story's