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Container Cafe | Collection+Photography+Coffee, three combined multi-functional boxes!
Publisher: Beri  Page view::427  2022-09-15

The chic coffee shop is a favorite pastime for people,

and the quality and quiet atmosphere is very suitable for lazily spending time.

The [Baan Hom Chan] Cafe located in Baton Thani has mellow coffee,

delicious food and a movie studio.

It is rare to find a coffee shop.

 You can not only relax and drink coffee here,

but also go shopping and take photos in the nearby house.

This [Baan Hom Chan] cafe is transformed from containers,

 located in Bang Kadi Street, not far from the seaside market,

 and has a laboratory to develop film.

Baan Hom Chan is a small retro style cafe, made of white containers,

which can provide customers with coffee, drinks, bread, simple meals and other services.

The dining area is set in front of the floor to ceiling glass window.

 In this corner, you can take qualitative photos in the beautiful natural light,

and there are various human shaped puppets on the windowsill.

The cafe is composed of three containers,

one in the middle and two beside. Ban Hongcan is a coffee shop.

 The right cabinet is [Siam, Japan], and the left cabinet is [Lab Old Day].

These three cabinets are owned by different people.

[Siam, Japan] is a shop selling Japanese toy souvenirs.

A variety of dolls are placed on the whole box wall,

forming a unique background wall.

The [Lab Old Day] on the other side is a shooting laboratory,

 which is also made of white containers.

 It is marked with a blue metal frame,

 which is different from the two stores nearby,

and still retains traditional film and cameras.

Some film camera enthusiasts can come here to develop films and wait for reception.

The service charge is 120 ฿/roll.

Pictures courtesy of  Pantip