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Container Cafe | Bringing life to metals, the magic of plant cafes!
Publisher: Beri  Page view::795  2022-09-16

Plant Cafe is a fashionable cafe packed in containers,

Today, I want to go out of town to relax in a cafe.

Choose your store carefully.

 I went to Pathum Thani's, which attracted my attention.

Who wants to escape and think of something interesting.

Outside the city, I would like to recommend this place to you.

The Plant Cafe is quiet, simple and not busy. And dote on coffee fans.

Escaping the hustle and bustle of the city,

the surrounding cafes often attract people with comfort and tranquility.

In a container coffee shop located in Lam Luk Ka District of Pathum Thani,

 containers are clustered among green plants,

making metal materials suddenly have vitality.

[Plant Cafe] is a plant cafe.

The biggest highlight of [Plant Cafe] is that it chooses to use containers as indoor space.

There are two floors in total.

The upper and lower floors are marked in white and black respectively,

and various artistic characters are painted on the box.

Under the decoration of plants, the coffee shop becomes green and fashionable.

The cafe is decorated in an industrial loft style to

match the metal properties of the container.

The external combination is natural, which is the origin of the name [Plant Cafe].

The service time of the store is between 8:30-18:00.

 You can enjoy the beautiful sunset here when you are lucky.

When you enter the coffee shop,

 the smell of coffee spreads in every corner of the container, refreshing.

The shop is decorated with many retro small items

and retains the original container wave board, which is full of industrial retro flavor.

 A sofa rest area is set in the corner of the container,

where you can relax most by enjoying coffee.

Pictures courtesy of  Plant Cafe