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Container Cafe | Garden style buildings with ecological feelings and concentrated tropical rainforest~
Publisher: Beri  Page view::344  2022-09-30

Container is one of the choices for contemporary accommodation.

 Like other forms of housing, it can be easily moved, easily installed and cheap.

 It is possible to convert containers into shops, offices and houses.

If you want to find a way to decorate houses with containers,

today's Forfur will teach you how to turn containers into small and comfortable houses.

When installing the container house in a proper location,

you can decorate the area around the house to make it more attractive. A

dding a natural wood balcony is a good way to create a warm atmosphere.

Then add the roof part of the wooden terrace to avoid the sun and rain.

This area can also be used as another comfortable living area of the house.

The garden like container building is actually a coffee shop,

named BUNA Oragic Coffee.

There is a lush atrium garden in the museum.

Try to plant trees to create a fresh gardening atmosphere,

 and provide a shady area under the trees in hot summer.

The interior of the house is paved with laminate flooring

and simple designed furniture,

 creating a natural and harmonious dining environment for customers.

Part of the container wall

 is ventilated by replacing it with a transparent glass wall,

connecting the internal and external atmosphere,

and keeping the area between the container room

and the wooden balcony continuous.

Pictures courtesy of  BUNA Oraganic Coffee