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Container Garden | Shepherd Life, a pastoral style full of exotic customs~
Publisher: Beri  Page view::348  2022-10-06

The idyllic life is desirable.

With blue sky, leisurely countryside,

leisurely atmosphere, and exotic customs,

the Promised Garden Shepherd Garden is a good place to

 spend leisure holidays in the remote suburbs.

One tree, one world, one flower, one life.

Feel the gift of nature here with a relaxed mood.

[Promised Garden Shepherd Garden] It is located in ancient times.

A retro pink minibus is parked at the door.

As the exclusive feature of the garden, the minibus is pink and dreamy,

and is decorated with the color of a girl's heart from inside to outside.

It is not only a holy place for clocking and dating,

but also one of the choices for newlyweds to take wedding photos.

In addition to the eye-catching minibuses,

the garden also "places" many container modules.

Thanks to the advantages of convenient movement and installation,

all indoor spaces are integrated in the container.

The interior is carefully decorated. Dolls, lawns, dried flowers

and photos all make people feel relaxed when dining here.

The business hours of [Promised Garden Shepherd Garden] are from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m.

When the weather is good, you can watch the complete sunset here.

The outdoor garden is decorated with

many idyllic elements full of strong sense of the old age,

such as wooden tables and chairs, colorful small bulbs, warm lights, etc.,

as well as the flowers and grasses on the ground,

which also create a dream feeling.

In order to facilitate activities and multi person gatherings,

a very spacious dining area is built in the middle of

the Promised Garden Shepherd Garden.

 The restaurant offers a variety of dishes,

including not only the popular Western style dishes

 such as roast lamb steak and roast chicken steak,

but also Japanese style eel rice and Niangcha meal.

At the same time,

there are also a variety of distinctive beverages and cakes,

such as Thai milk tea, ice green milk tea, which are very local.

Pictures courtesy of  JBHappening