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Container Hotel | Win with Appearance! Rainbow - like gorgeous multi-storey container room.
Publisher: Beri  Page view::377  2022-10-07

Containers were originally used to transport goods safely,

but their sustainable structure attracted architects,

who came up with unique ways to reuse them and bring them into creative buildings.

These containers are easy to transport and adaptable,

and can be easily converted into various types of houses.

The project of [Rainbow Hotel] was undertaken by SUNHOME Company

 to build a rainbow container hotel complex,

which includes service front desk, swimming pool, restaurant, coffee shop

 and other functional areas, as well as super beautiful multi-storey container rooms.

The hotel first appeared in the middle of the "coastal city" of Juro.

Its interesting appearance and unique accommodation experience attracted many tourists in summer.

The design of the Rainbow Container Hotel is

based on the unique idea of recycling old containers and other reusable materials.

A total of 30 guest rooms have been created,

equipped with a stacked container structure.

As its name implies, Rainbow Container Hotel is as gorgeous as a rainbow,

with excellent paint color, which is very eye-catching.

The biggest highlight of the Rainbow Container Hotel is

 that the rooms are designed as stacked colorful containers,

each with an area of nearly 15 square meters.

The space is divided into different types of rooms,

including indoor comfort design and private use areas outside the room.

The interior of the guest rooms is comfortable and modern.

Some rooms have Japanese style decorations.

On the simple wooden floor and simple white blanket,

the portraits and cherry blossoms depicted on the wall are very prominent.

Some rooms are decorated with colorful backgrounds and furniture,

providing a variety of accommodation options for guests who like different styles.

Pictures courtesy of  Cửa Lò