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Container Restaurant | Beside the Kobe Harbor Tower of the Container Restaurant | Beside the Kobe Harbor Tower of the "unique structure", there is a steel building of the "modular structure"!
Publisher: Beri  Page view::346  2022-10-11

Kobe Harbor Tower (in Japanese: Shindo Kata Kata Kata Kata)

is a sightseeing tower located in Bozhichang Town,

central district, Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan.

It is one of the famous landmarks in the region

and the only tubular sightseeing tower in the world.

Located in the south,

it is also a [SO.TABLE KOBE 0330] restaurant made of metal materials.

Among them, "0330" in the name represents Kobe (a list of major international port codes in Japan).

This container restaurant, mainly in black and white,

is located in the south of Kobe Harbor Tower and the west of Merriken Park.

 Its front faces the tower rather than the sea.

It seems unusual for a seaside shop,

but such sitting can not only enjoy the sea,

but also enjoy the urban scenery of Kobe while feeling the sea breeze.

The main entrance square of the restaurant

has an extremely spacious outdoor activity area,

where there is no problem to hold concerts,

weddings, large festivals and gatherings.

 [SO.TABLE KOBE 0330] It is an authentic Italian restaurant,

carefully selected and cooked by an Italian chef

who uses local Kobe beef and other ingredients to cook dishes,

and also bakes pizza on site in a pizza kiln.

The restaurant structure is divided into two floors.

The middle part is a duplex design supported by a steel structure,

which increases the vertical space of the area

and makes the environment look more spacious.

The overall design is very dynamic,

 and containers are stacked in a three-dimensional manner.

The top floor of the restaurant is a viewing terrace,

which can also be used as a dining space.

A 360 degree view of the sea, the tower and the city can be seen.

The ground becomes more comfortable after being paved with wood floor,

and the romantic atmosphere is full under the decoration of lights at night.

Pictures courtesy of  神戸ジャーナル