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Container Restaurant | Black+Yellow Fashion Color Matching, Food Art in Iron Boxes~
Publisher: Beri  Page view::428  2022-10-13

The buildings transformed from containers are very common in the contemporary era.

The metal appearance is not the only highlight,

and the unique color matching is also one of the methods to

make modular houses stand out in the architectural complex.

 The lovely restaurant project of the bearing

comes from Thailand and is rebuilt from an old container.

The project is named [The art of food].

The art of food changes the original container module into

a better looking black and yellow color scheme.

Entering the first floor,

the interior is decorated with white tones to

make the eyes look comfortable and add interest through lovely pictures.

The interior of the container is spliced,

and the dining seats are distributed in every corner of the space.

The card seats near the panoramic glass window enjoy a beautiful outdoor scene.

From the stairs to the second floor of the building,

there are many bright yellow sofa seats on the second floor,

and the lighting on the ceiling is full of industrial style.

In addition, the second floor also has an outdoor area,

which is suitable for sitting here in the cool evening and gathering with friends.

The location advantage of the high-rise

is that you can take photos and view and play from multiple angles.

The restaurant provides simple meals,

 including Dongyingong Pizza, cake, coffee, etc.

The business hours start at 10:30 a.m.

Pictures courtesy of  The art of food