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Container Cafe | The Container Cafe | The "half container" doctrine is praised! The other side of steel is tenderness!
Publisher: Beri  Page view::331  2022-10-24

Phnom Penh is the capital of the Kingdom of Cambodia

 and the largest city in Cambodia.

The local weather is a typical tropical climate,

which is very hot and humid due to the high pressure of

 the Gulf of Thailand (Siam Bay) and the Indian Ocean.

The annual average temperature is between 28 ℃ and 34 ℃.

Therefore, moisture resistant container materials

will be one of the best choices for building here.

So a very "tropical" container cafe appeared in people's sight.

This is [container cafe], and the style is half containerism - half

is container room, and generally outdoor is tropical garden.

The unique design attracts many tourists.

If you want to enter this cafe,

you can walk up the big ladder or the small slope.

Of course, this design is for the convenience of people with

 limited mobility or moving goods,

so that you can feel the warmth of humanity before entering the door.

The large leaf plants act as a screen in the garden,

allowing you to relax your posture when sitting here.

There is no grassland on the ground,

 but the green carpet is used to lay it.

You can feel the green vitality while keeping the environment dry and tidy.

On one side, there is a small slide specially designed for children,

so that even parents with children can give their children to the game

and give themselves to the leisure time at this moment.

The container room is a long corridor,

but not for walking, but for enjoyment.

Small card holders are set on both sides of the box wall,

 and transparent glass windows are replaced on the box wall,

 which can enjoy the outdoor beauty and reduce the depression in the small space.

Pictures courtesy of 突出围城