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Container Cafe | "wayward" to a building that can bypass the overpass! It's just an operation!
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In a city with many tall buildings, all kinds of buildings

that stretch into the sky compete for beauty.

In order to enhance the circulation between buildings,

some buildings will choose to build an overpass between them.

 Under the bridge is a pedestrian street that can be used as usual.

At this time, there will be some leisure restaurants at the bottom of the bridge.

Have you ever seen such a "willful" coffee shop that can bypass the overpass?

This is the new favorite of Earls Hotel in downtown Calgary,

surrounded by office buildings and business districts with huge traffic.

This kind of multi-level commercial container structure

design features complete functions, strong sense of modernity,

easy to attract attention,

and brings business opportunities.

After simple assembly and reinforcement on site,

this city center environmental protection and amazing coffee shop can be formed.

The characteristic small bulb design

makes the ceiling in the museum dazzling like a starry sky,

thanks to the "hidden" wires on the ceiling.

The indoor stairs can lead to the container "around" the overpass,

and the scenery above must be the most unique urban prosperity.

It is really desirable to think about it!

Pictures courtesy of PANAMA REALTOR