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Container Restaurant | The most spectacular Container Restaurant | The most spectacular "sitting in rows" around the railing, and the most friendly "dining with the scenery" for single dogs!
Publisher: Beri  Page view::305  2022-12-03

Single people have the most profound experience,

and the most worrying thing is that they go out to eat alone.

 Couples from all over the world "kill",

and they really turn into pickled fish (sour and superfluous) every minute.

However, if you come to this restaurant, it will be different.

Even a person will instantly become a tall "dining with King"!

It is really too friendly to single dogs!

It's really spectacular to watch this row of people sitting around the railing!

 I can't help thinking of that children's song - "Sitting in rows, eating fruits..."

This is the [Fanzhuo Wanghai Night View Cafe] located in Shalu.

The name and slogan are poetic enough,

and it is transformed from multiple containers.

The most distinctive feature of this restaurant is its open-air dining area,

with railings facing mountains and tables and chairs along railings.

 When the customer sits on the seat, there is no object but mountain view.

It's so beautiful when the night falls!

Of course, the restaurant also has an indoor dining area,

otherwise there will be no place to hide when the weather is bad.

The indoor dining area is a two-story building transformed from multiple containers.

A number of windows with a wide area are set on the box,

so that indoor customers can also enjoy the distant mountain scenery.

The second floor of the building is mainly divided into two parts.

 On one side is a spacious public dining area,

and the two containers are joined together after being opened.

One corner is also specially equipped with a table

and sofa made of "treasure chest", which are more comfortable.

The other part is the dining area transformed from only one container,

where more attention will be paid to the design of the environment.

Multiple windows create the visual sense of the air restaurant,

which is particularly suitable for customers who like to enjoy the scenery.

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