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Container Cafe | The nostalgic container coffee shop on the roadside emits natural coffee fragrance~
Publisher: Beri  Page view::531  2023-01-04

Sicilian coffee chain stores opened in Larissa,

creating the first coffee shop with characteristics and key design in the city.

The first container coffee shop

just opened in Larissa SICILY successfully stood out

in the coffee city in a few days.

Their success has enabled them to

expand their franchise methods and new store "lands" in Nicosia,

Athens, Ioannina, Wallos and other cities beyond Larissa throughout Greece.

 Sicilian owners want their city's next cafe to be subversive and original.

Taking advantage of the attractive appearance of the container,

 they set up a shop on the roadside,

 which constantly emits the coffee smell,

so that people can open the smell of coffee to

maintain the warmth and style of the Sicilian coffee shop.

The hard metal shell forms a sharp contrast with the internal space,

 which uses elements corresponding to the coffee color.

The style and special decoration give people warmth,

not just the feeling of being in a monotonous container.

The bar is semi open to make it clear that it is the main coffee product.

Pictures courtesy of Jane